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In addition to the Skyboxlive Platform, Skyboxlive also offers a variety of services to assist Colleges and Universities in utilizing their content to expand and improve relationships. We also offer services which can help with improving video capture and consequently assist in elevating brand and image.


Skyboxlive Platform:

  • Our cloud-based video streaming infrastructure is both reliable and seamlessly scalable.
  • With flexible monetization options, you can minimize budget impact and explore solutions for current and future Skyboxlive university program fiscal needs
  • Advertising and sponsorship revenue streams increase community engagement while further offsetting operational costs for content capture and production.
  • Skyboxlive relationship-building platform lets institutions expand the reach of their institutional brand utilizing ongoing social interactions by leveraging the power of Facebook.


Skyboxlive Services:

  • Initial on-site Skyboxlive training (as needed)
  • On-going on line video training of the Skyboxlive software
  • Customer support for technical questions
  • Affiliation with tri-caster support staff
  • Recommendations on video capture and broadcast equipment
  • Video capture training to assist colleges in improving video capture and quality (Regional only)
  • Annual regional customer forums to discuss potential improvements and to showcase new products and services designed specifically for colleges and universities