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How It Works

One simply records the video sending it to the YOE TV servers and then the content will be distributed based on YOE TV defined methods. Video content can be live streamed, archived and replayed or played on a program channel. The choice is up to the YOE partner, sponsor or club!

With a YOE TV IP TV solution, your institution can:

  • Offer hundreds of live broadcasts of your sporting, performance and special events year round
  • Offer live access as well as playback options anytime, anywhere
  • Promote events through automated social apps to deliver a larger viewing audience and build its fans
  • Be up and running quickly and easily with simple channel setup and administration tools


Skyboxlive gives your institution the visibility it needs to foster great student and alumni connections and sets a new path for future student and athlete recruitment. Skyboxlive also allows more fans to virtually attend any game at any time and any place. Unlike collegiate sports broadcasts on network and cable TV that showcase only the most popular sporting events, Skyboxlive allows you to showcase every sporting, performance, or special event throughout the year on a channel (or channels) dedicated to your institution.


The Skyboxlive Platform is the only IP TV solution that leverages the social connections of the school, its students, athletes and performers to generate larger audiences and more visibility to the institution. Automated status updates are generated based on the event schedules and rosters of participants. Tap into a broad network of family and friends (as well as alumni from those events) to build even stronger bonds among current, past, and even future teams and activities.


Skyboxlive’s easy-to-use tools and equipment simplify IPTV channel setup and administration, so you can be up and running quickly. Our cloud-based video streaming infrastructure is both reliable and seamlessly scalable. You can broadcast live events even while your fans are streaming pre-recorded past games in playback mode, delivering a quality experience worldwide. With flexible monetization options, you can minimize budget impact and explore solutions for current and future Skyboxlive university program fiscal needs.