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About Skyboxlive

Skyboxlive is an IP TV solution designed for institutions to broadcast their content year-round to an expanded audience, regardless of time or distance. It’s a way for institutions to create lifelong connections with students, familes, friends, fans and generations of alumni by providing university-related content that connects them through the activities that shaped their college experien e. Live events are broadcast for instant viewing any time, any where. Events are automatically recorded for offline edititng and on-demand playback.

Leveraging student and institutional social connections through Facebook and Twitter, Skyboxlive delivers instantly broader reach for your events, thereby expanding the profile of the school throughout the year. By automating game broadcast notices through each team member’s Facebook connections, your team has an opportunity to move games beyond the stadium capacity via Skyboxlive. Each athlete’s family and friends, and friends of family and friends can opt in to watch a live broadcast of the game, or play it back later at their convenience. You can even leverage current university database information to send opt-in game notices to past school players and even future recruits.